Better Credit Card Rates

We reduce credit, debit, foreign, American Express card and online transaction rates resulting in substantial savings to your business.

Bank the same

With our solution, there is no need to change your business banking. The bank deposits into the bank of your choice.

Easy sign up

Call us and we will come to you, with the forms. It only takes 48 hours for you to start reducing the cost of business.

VIP service

We will give you our personal attention and availability at all times regarding any issue, which would be escalated and dealt with immediately. No more dealing with call centres.

Machine Rentals

R379.00 per month for a fixed card machine. R479.00 per month for a portable machine with a sim card.

How we work, we do our business by adding value to our client and providing the best services with highly competitive rates.

Treasury Management

The vital role of Risk Man­agement in the Treasury and Financial Markets environ­ment cannot be over-em­phasized. With the shortage of specialised skills in these areas, it becomes unafford­able for many companies to acquire the relevant skills to setup an in-house treasury. Phoenix Wealth Management and its partner network will provide a Financial Market Risk Management solu­tion that suits your specific needs at an affordable price. Our specialised knowledge and hands-on experience in Treasury Risk management.

Risk Management

Asterism Risk Managers is an independent Short-Term Insurance Broking house specialising in Corporate, Commercial and Personal In­surance. The name Asterism is a group of stars at differ­ent distance from the earth. We think of ourselves as a group of experts with differ­ent strengths, offering in­surance services with care, respect and responsibility to our clients, staff and all our associates. We advise and arrange necessary and suffi­cient insurance contracts in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Business Insurance

When running a business, you have enough to think about without having to wor­ry about unexpected losses. Ensuring your business gets the best cover with the most competitive premiums is es­sential. We work with South Africa’s top and most trust­ed business and commercial insurance providers to help business owners find cheap Business insurance.